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Thank you to all those who supported the project!

Public Supporters:

Alexandra Fox, Former chapter president, JF, and office staff member

Johnny Ouatik, Concordia Chapter member

Chelsey Rhodes, Former unpaid EWB staff

Christian Euler, Former JF, Chapter President, Conference Organizer

Paul Kellogg

Lia Walsh, Former Chapter President

Paige Patterson

Anna Lermer, Former chapter president, summer intern, and conference organizer

Meagan MacKenzie, Former Chapter President, Former JF

Jesse McDonald

Avery Velez

Robyn Chatwin-Davies, Past national office staff, past JF, past chapter president

Anna Smith, Former EWB Staff, Venture Leader, Conference Chair

Aurélie Chouinard, Past JF, Past chapter president, Past DT Lead

Luna Taguchi, Former Chapter President

Ashley Hammell, JF 2008, Youth Engagement 2010, multiple conference teams

Liesl van Wyk, McGill Chapter Member

Stephanie Lawrence

Clare Hutchinson, Former Chapter President

Rob Reid, Past JF

Filzah Nasir, Former chapter president

Daniel Miller, Former office staff

Nell Mayo

Fatima Barron, Past Chapter President, Past DT Member

Ellen Gillies, Former JF & chapter exec

Peter Mumba, Young People for Development Forum

Mica McCurdy, Former EWB Staff, Conference Organizer, Social Change Fellow

Sally Livingston

Souzan Mirza, Former JF/Chapter President

Ishan Tikku,  Former chapter president

Christopher Chan, Former chapter exec

Sohaib Mirza, Former chapter exec

Anna Hopkins, Former EWB Staff, former chapter president

Dara Gordon, Former chapter exec, DT member

Matthieu Bister, Former EWB Staff, former chapter president, former JF

Liette Connolly-Boutin, Former chapter president

Adrian Lall

Frances Tufford

Alan Ham, Former chapter initiative president, venture staff

Harrison Diamond Pollock, Former chapter exec, conference organizer

Carly Bigelow, Former Chapter Exec

Raquel Vigueras, Former JF, former chapter exec

Merlin Chatwin, Former Program Manager

Simon Fauvel, Former chapter exec, DT member, conference organizer

Mélina Langevin, Former chapter member

Sylvia Green, Former JF

Adam Bailey, Former Office Staff

Jennifer Nowoselski, Former JF and chapter executive

Briton Sippola, Co-President, EWB URegina

Francis Mbewe, Kumvana Fellow-2016

Alycia Leonard, Former chapter president, former JF, former contractor

Aakhil Lakhani, Former contract staff, chapter president, JF

Manjot Bining, Past summer intern (national office)

Emily Peddle, Former Chapter President

Joshua Gorner, Former chapter volunteer/exec, former NO Social Change Fellow

Theresa Nguyen, Former Chapter President

Harley Lawrence

Madeleine Smith, Current Long Term Fellow

Nushka Blais, Former chapter exec and JF

Olivia Sparrow, JF 2008, Former Chapter President, Former Office Intern

Sylvie Spraakman, JF 2008, chapter executive UWaterloo

Peter Last, 2008 National Conference Organizer, chapter executive UWaterloo

Joanne Linnay, Former EWB program staff

Meaghan Langille, Former Policy & Advocacy DT Lead, Chapter President, & National Conference Organizer

Karina Redick, Chapter President, JF, National Conference Organizer

Patrick Miller, Chapter President, JF, Distributed Team Lead, Conference Co-chair, Donor

Catherine Cyr Wright, Former chapter President (ULaval), social change fellow and DT member

Emily Stewart, Former Chapter Co-President, JF 2008

Lindsay Kingston, Current Long Term Fellow

Jude Balit

Scott Aker, Former chapter member

Franny Varty, Past JF, Past UBC Exec Member

Irena Smith, Former staff member

Tori Koelewyn, Former chapter president (UBC)

Stephanie Bringeland, Current chapter co-president (Queen’s)

Cynthia Lee, Former chapter co-president 

Karine Smith

Melissa Bui, Past Long Term Fellow

Mathew Scammell, Current chapter president (U Manitoba)- now resigned

Sean Scammell, Past Junior Fellow 

Lauren Fox

Brian Venne, Past UWindsor chapter president, past JF, past Overseas Volunteer Staff

Edith Ducharme, Ancienne Présidente (2018-2019)

Jacqui Boyer, Former Chapter Co-President (Queen’s 2016-2017), Former Navigation Circle Member (2016)

Syeda Hashmi, Current staff member

Shanaaz Gokool, Former CEO of a national human rights charity 

Kate Heney, UOttawa Chapter member, VP and President (2008-2010)

Katie Berg, Past Venture Lead – Business Development Services Africa

Todd Phillips, Past Chapter President

Kaitlyn Finner, Former Junior Fellow, National Conference Organizer, and Chapter Exec

Emily Luba

Nancy Zimmerman

Kerri Green

Raman Sidhu, Former Junior Fellow and Chapter Exec