We’ve created a GoFundMe campaign to support Aakhil Lakhani’s upcoming legal challenge to Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB). Please click on the link, donate, and share!

“Aakhil Lakhani spoke out last year about facing sexual assault in 2013 while on a fellowship placement with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB), and then facing retaliation from the organization when they reported it. See here  and here.

Since Aakhil came forward publicly, they have faced stonewalling and silence from EWB. This has led them to seek legal advice, and they are moving forward with a lawsuit.

Going through this process is very stressful and re-traumatizing, and we want to support Aakhil to have access to health supports and to be able to take time off and rest.

Please donate what you can!”

(If others from EWB network need help with legal support, please contact us.)