Additional disturbing allegations have become public about EWB’s former Director, Prateek Awasthi.

The Total System Failure team has known about these allegations (more details in the linked statement below) since March 2019, after we received a tip from an acquaintance, but did not have permission to make them public. In April 2019, Chelsey Rhodes flew to Montreal to inform the EWB Board and asked them to put Prateek Awasthi and Boris Martin on leave and investigate them (this never happened). Chelsey met with Cameron Charlebois (then- Board Chair) and Rebecca Kresta (current Board Chair). Alex Fox was also present via skype. Charlebois and Kresta promised to act on the information. They did not. Charlebois resigned like a coward, and Kresta stuck around to help cover things up.

Awasthi was never investigated properly or sanctioned by EWB, and was not held accountable for his public retaliations against Chelsey, which included being recorded lying about her. He also harassed 4 different staff (and probably more) at EWB, complaints which were well-documented and escalated to CEO Boris Martin and VP Shivani Patel, and which they ignored and concealed. The EWB executive team and Board are responsible for refusing to intervene and allowing EWB staff / volunteers to be injured and traumatized, and the entire membership to be faced with a year-long misogynistic public disparagement and discrediting of survivors led by a serial bully and harasser. All so that EWB could suppress our whole project which brought forward 35 incidents of sexual assault, harassment, discrimination, bullying, and fraud at EWB.

EWB continues to refuse to deal with this appropriately, continues to lie, and continues to harm their membership, alumni, and community. They continue to refuse to put an independent inquiry in place. Of course, Awasthi and Martin had personal motivations to block an inquiry, as they would have been implicated.

Here is the statement from the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR), where Awasthi was a member from 2005-2012 while he was working at the UN, which states that “Allegations broadly covered intimidation, bullying, and hostile and inappropriate behaviour- some allegations were of a sexual nature against younger female colleagues. The YCSRR Board’s investigation concluded that the allegations were founded.”

Click on the following link for the full statement:

Youth Coalition Statement

If you have any further information or concerns, feel free to contact us. Also, a reminder that legal support is available for victims of EWB.