Due to the increasing volume of disclosures of violent and discriminatory incidents at EWB, both historical and recent, we have arranged for legal support for any ex- or current EWB staff/ volunteers (including staff or residents in countries where EWB works) who would like to set up a free consultation. This also helps the lawyer in mapping the incidents and determining the best strategy going forward (we have discussed the possibilities of individual cases, group lawsuit, or class action).

We have repeatedly urged the EWB Board to intervene appropriately and set up an independent inquiry including reparations and apologies to those affected, but they continue to refuse and have been ignoring us for a year.  We feel there is no way forward besides filing legal challenges.

Please contact us directly and we will send you a link with further context and information on how to set up a phone call with the lawyer. If you are concerned with maintaining your anonymity, we suggest emailing us from a temp/ throwaway email account. We have also emailed the info to our list of Supporters, and if you know someone on the list you can ask them to forward the email to you.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences with us, and it has taken a lot of work behind the scenes to get to this point. We hope that this provides an opportunity for people to pursue justice and accountability, and to help bring resolution to a situation that has hurt so many people.

In solidarity,

Total System Failure team