An anonymous former staff member has blown the whistle on toxic management at Toronto-based development NGO, Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB). They submitted the following to the Total System Failure team:

I want current exec/Board at EWB to know:

“Boris Martin [EWB’s CEO] needs to be fired. He is incompetent and wasting donor dollars.”

Systemic issues are:

“Abuse of power.”

I have given up on:

“Boris Martin. And Shivani [Patel, EWB’s VP].”

I feel/ felt unsafe or afraid:

“to do anything, since nothing would be done about it.”

I witnessed:

“Dishonest practices.”

What happened when I spoke up:

“they made excuses and then made me the issue. blamed me for all the issues.”

If I haven’t spoken up about this before, it’s because:

“it’s hard to do so when you work there, and the fear that it will be held against you.”

Justice or repair would look like:

“Boris finally being fired and to stop bringing EWB down.”

Do you consent to us publishing quotes from your story on our website or in the final report:

“Sure if it helps.”