York University chapter statement of boycott:

In light of the reoccurring neglectful actions of Engineers without Border’s National Office regarding harassment, assault and endangerment allegations, the York University Chapter will be boycotting National Office. The conduct of the Board in dealing with all reports of harassment and assault are appalling to say the least. To hide behind a face of philanthropy while concealing and neglecting multiple reports of abusive behaviour is unacceptable. In most cases there has been extremely insufficient if any action to even address victims let alone investigate any allegations made. The lack of transparency within this organization is deeply concerning to us, and we fear that it will be its downfall. To the victims of any abusive conduct and specifically to Chelsey Rhodes, who started the #totalsystemfailure movement, we extend our utmost solidarity. We are here to fight to establish what little justice can be granted to all victims after years of neglect. Their perseverance through countless attacks on their integrity have not gone unnoticed. Although we continue to believe in what this organization stands for, we cannot support EWB’s name until these issues are resolved ethically. The York University Chapter will end it’s boycott when the four demands of the Total System Failure Movement are met through documented, contractual means.

As members of an organization who’s values and aspirations we have dedicated ourselves to, we are deeply disappointed and angered by the neglectful decisions being made in handling these cases. Our choice to boycott goes beyond the scope of just EWB, but extends to any organization dealings with similar systemic issues. We want to believe that large organizations can address and resolve issues of this nature ethically, and move forward even stronger. We truly hope to see EWB become a prime example of this. As for our Chapter, we will continue to operate normally as a separate entity from National Office. For more information on misconduct, assault and allegation cases, this website has detailed accounts of every aspect of this case, and will continually be updated as it moves forward.