*letter submitted by Meagan, McGill chapter, former chapter president and Junior Fellow

Dear EWB: You Gave Me A Voice. Now Listen To It.

I came to EWB some five years ago wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Like many EWBers, I was an engineering student who wanted to use my degree to better the world. I rose through my chapter ranks at lightning speed. Within a year, I was leading my chapter’s efforts towards the elusive “systems change”. I wasn’t simply drinking the Kool-Aid, I was pouring it down everyone’s throats.

To its credit, EWB benefitted me enormously. It afforded me incredible opportunities I never thought possible, like meeting the Prime Minister and interning abroad. I met my kindred spirits, many of whom have become my family. EWB has truly made me the outspoken woman I am today. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

That being said, your good deeds do not absolve you from your abuses. You have and continue to perpetuate violence against your staff, volunteers, and community. Reckoning day has come. Spoiler alert: it’s now.

Put simply, stop acting like a misogynistic asshole. Your behavior is inacceptable for any individual, let alone the EWB I fell in love with.

We’re not asking for much. Really.

Ban non-disclosure agreements in relation to sexual harassment or discrimination.

Open an independent investigation into harassment cases.

Apologize for your failures.

Establish a counseling fund for women and survivors.

Engineers do rocket science. This is not.