*Letter submitted by an Anonymous donorĀ 

Dear EWB,

While catching up with my daughter this mother’s day, I learned of EWB’s use of a non disclosure agreement and payment to silence a survivor of sexual harassment from their EWB supervisor while overseas. I also learned that EWB has retained the services of a PR firm to help communicate and message to membership about these issues that are now “resurfacing”.

Sexual harassment is widespread throughout our society. And I suspect it must still be occurring at EWB since there is no indication that you have established and committed to an appropriate policy to support survivors.

In 2008 I trusted that you had my daughter’s best interest at heart when she was a Junior Fellow and it is sickening to think she was at even more risk than I thought, especially when she was in such a vulnerable place physically and emotionally. She and her classmates invested and committed so much donated time as student chapter members in their hopes to make this world a better place for all. They didn’t know that these investments were inadvertently enabling the opposite – an organization that stifles survivors and supports abusers.

I’m cancelling my monthly donations to EWB because of your lack of appropriate reaction to these issues.