To Engineers Without Borders Canada:

We are the Concordia chapter. We are a chapter made up of extraordinary leaders and change-makers. We have a strong set of infallible values.

For this reason, we are boycotting EWB, alongside the amazing leaders at McGill and Alberta.

We can no longer support you, when you have failed to support the victims of your organization.

You have not taken sexual harassment within the organization lightly: in fact, you worked hard to silence victims and push them out of the organization for calling out your wrong-doings. Your non-transparent ways have caused major trauma within your community as well.

We ask you to immediately start mending your mistakes by:

1. Banning the use of NDAs within EWB on harassment and discrimination victims
2. Open an independent investigation on all harassment cases, starting with the one that occurred in Malawi (2011)
3. Publicly apologize for failing to properly deal with such cases
4. Immediately establish a counselling fund which women and survivors on staff and membership have access to.

We are ashamed to be associated with your lies and your hypocrisy.
We are Concordia, students with values who stand with survivors, and who no longer stand with you.

Engineers Without Borders Concordia

Dilara Omeroglu President
Jose Rondon Zambrano Vice-President
Himanshu Sharma VP Global Engineering
Kadir Deniz VP Finance
Evis Zeka Executive Member

[Link to open letter]